Jailbreaking Your iPhone 5C: Is It Safe?

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The biggest reason people run vanilla iOS is that they’re worried about the risk of breaking something in the course of a jailbreak. To be fair, some apprehension is quite understandable; after all, an iPhone is pretty costly. However, the key here is the larger question: is the process of jailbreaking your iPhone 5C a safe one?

In a word: yes. Of course you can’t guarantee that there’s no chance for failure – but it’s a very safe, reversible process; the jailbreak isn’t any more dangerous than running one of Apple’s official updates. Anything that touches the phone on a firmware level carries with it a small amount of risk, but unless you’re performing the jailbreak during a thunderstorm or something this is completely manageable. Again, it’s much like a normal update; there’s a certain, very small level of risk, but as long as you don’t do anything out-and-out stupid you’ll be fine and it works for all models including the iPhone 5s.

The other worry has to do with the apps you’ll be running. Jailbreaking your iPhone 5, 5c or 5s allows you to run all kinds of software outside of Apple’s official App Store; without the tight standards and conditions for making your app available to the public, you could release anything you wanted. Yes, iOS malware exists. Yes, you can brick a freshly jailbroken iPhone 5 in minutes if you really, really try. That applies for a whole host of other platforms, too, though. You don’t need to jailbreak an Android device to run a software that hasn’t passed through Google, but they’re not failing in huge numbers. Once more, the only time there’s serious danger is if you do something really, really dumb. If you download executables off of random websites and run them, you’re going to hit something dangerous sooner or later – but that’s no different from working with a PC. Do your research first and stick to apps that have been recommended by sources you trust when you can.

Jailbreaking your iPhone 5, 5s or 5s is a step toward turning a heavily curated, controlled experience into something a little more free and customizable. The gates are opened for all sorts of functionality that you can’t get without going around Apple. In a matter of minutes, you make an already great device in the iPhone 5 even more powerful. Apple will often play up the dangers involved in jailbreaking the phone and there are plenty of people who buy that line – but these dangers are, to put it gently, heavily exaggerated. If you run a jailbreak on your last 2% of battery power, you’re going to have some trouble. If, immediately after completing the jailbreak, you go into Cydia and download a host of random apps sight-unseen, you’re going to have some trouble. Otherwise, though? You’re going to be fine, iOS is an even better operating system without the artificial restrictions placed on it out of the box.

Let’s ask that question again, then. Jailbreaking your iPhone 5C: Is it safe?

The answer is a resounding yes. There are edge cases, certainly but, barring scenarios constructed specifically to make the jailbreak look more risky than it is, it’s a quick, painless process. Follow the instructions and you won’t have any difficulty at all.

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Top Myths About iPhone 5 Jailbreaking

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If you just got the new iPhone 5, 5c or 5s and you would like to jailbreak it in order to gain full access to your handset’s functionality, then you might have heard a few myths about it. Well, the good news is that they are not true at all and that is why in the following paragraphs, we’ll focus on the Top myths about iPhone 5 jailbreaking.


Despite all the chatter, you should know that jailbreaking your device will have no effect on the battery life of your iPhone 5. However, there will be an impact on your battery if you install certain tweaks and if some or all of them will run continuously. You’ll find that there are plenty of cool tweaks on Cydia, so just check them out and see which of them you like best. The only aspect you have to be aware of is that everything is great, but in moderation.

A tweak that always modifies your device and runs continuously will suck up the battery life of your iPhone 5, 5c or 5s. While the difference is not that big, if you modify your entire device and install multiple tweaks, then you’ll find that your battery will drain a bit faster than usual. If the change is something you can accept and it doesn’t really impact the daily experience of using your iPhone, then you may as well go with it. This will have no negative impact on your device anyway.


When you jailbreak your iPhone 5, 5s or 5c, you should know that it won’t have an impact on its usage. When it comes to the battery life of your iPhone, it’s what you install on it that will generally influence it. So this means that the more tweaks you run on the iPhone 5c, the more RAM memory will be used. If you have little RAM memory installed, then you’ll sometimes notice lag and in the worst case scenario, crashes. Again, all you need to know is that moderation is very important and when you’ll notice your device lagging, then it’s time for you to stop installing tweaks.


Installing packages and jailbreaking will never harm your phone in any way. If by any means you’ll run into a problem, it won’t be anything that a simple restore in iTunes won’t be able to fix. However, this is not likely, unless you don’t research first on what you are going to install on your iPhone 5, 5c or 5s. That is why it’s best to consider installing apps only from trusted sources. And when the time will come for restoring your iPhone 5s, it’s best to have all of your data and files backed up on iCloud or iTunes.


Last but not least, you should know that jailbreaking is reversible and also legal, so you’re not doing anything that the law punishes for. Be sure that the apps you’re using for free don’t cost money, because if that is the case, then you’re in trouble. Just make sure you stay on the legal side and enjoy your newly jailbroken iPhone 5. Also, in terms of jailbreaking it, always consider the services of a trusted professional, who will only charge you a small fee for his service. Good luck!

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Benefits Of iPhone 5 Jailbreaking

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The benefits of iPhone 5C Jailbreaking are without question amazing and you will get to see that the minute you will have your new iPhone 5 jailbroken. Well, if you have thought about jailbreaking your device and you didn’t know what good will come out of this, then don’t worry. The information below, we will explore some of the top benefits of jailbreaking your device. Let’s check them out!

A world of new apps

Amongst the main benefits of jailbreaking your device is the fact that you’ll be able to install apps that you couldn’t install before, because they weren’t available in the iTunes App Store. For example, you’ll find that Cydia is a framework which allows you to install unauthorized applications, such as networking apps and games.

Free tethering

How many times did you have a few devices that could connect to the internet, but you didn’t have a modem with you? Well, if that happened far too many times, then after jailbreaking your iPhone 5, 5c or 5s, you’ll be able to use tethering and turn it into a modem. You may also know very well that this service is already offered by Sprint, Verizon Wireless and AT&T, but no one would like to be charged a lot of money for that. Instead, you can just use the app MyWi which you can get through Cydia and enjoy endless functionality.

More customization options

You certainly want to alter your iPhone’s look and feel and that is why you’ll do anything for it to match your needs as much as possible. The good news is that you can now do this easily, thanks to the fact that Cydia has a plethora of wallpapers, icons and so forth that will get you going. If you want, you may also use a very popular customization application from the iPhone 5 called WinterBoard which allows you to do all of the above, but also customize sounds. What you need to keep in mind though is that this will only work with your iPhone 5, 5c or 5s.

Access to the iOS file system

When you jailbreak your device, you will actually expose its inner workings. For instance, if you’ll install a SSH or a secure shell client, you’ll be able to move data between 2 devices on a network, very securely. You will also be able to connect your iPhone to your computer in order to fix corrupted files or maybe install games which you cannot find on the Appstore.

As you can see, jailbreaking your device is very beneficial and once you will do that, you’ll finally be able to do whatever you want with your iPhone 5, 5c or 5s. One aspect that you have to keep in mind is that jailbreaking an iPhone 5 needs to be done by a professional service. There are many such services online and before you choose one, be sure you’ll do a bit of research to find out if their past clients are satisfied with their services. In terms of fees, they are generally very low, so you will not have to worry about paying a fortune to be granted full access to all the features and functionality of your device.

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7 Apps You Will Never Use If You Don’t Jailbreak Your iPhone 5, 5c or 5s

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There seems to be good news for iPhone 5 users who have been waiting to jailbreak their iPhone 5, 5c or 5s. iOS 6.1 i.e the latest OS being used in the mobile devices of the company has been jailbroken and it is the jailbreak that will do the trick for your iPhone 5 and iPad Mini also.

Jailbreaking is a perfectly legal activity and serves an iPhone 5 user a host of activities that could not have been done with an iPhone 5, 5c or 5s still under the clutches of the manufacturer. Phones that have been jailbroken can run apps and software that Apple would not normally allow. Lots of people do not go well with the fact that even after you have owned the phone after paying the cost, Apple continues to control it and dictates what to do and what not to. They believe that they should be at liberty to do anything that they want with it once they have owned it and not remain confined to the ‘walled garden’ that Apple desires to confine its iPhones into.

Here are 7 apps that you will never use if you don’t jailbreak your iPhone 5, 5c or 5s:

1. The Cydia app store

Cydia is a special app that runs on jailbroken iPhones and a number of developers contribute in terms of software to this app. The lure of using Cydia App store is a good reason to jailbreak iPhone 5s.

2. Use MyWi to convert your phone into a WiFi hotspot

An app known as MyWi is what is needed to turn your iPhone 5c into a WiFi hotspot; however, this app runs only on jailbroken iPhones. Thus, another strong enough reason to go for a jailbreak.

3. Apps to perform new tricks with Siri, the knowledge navigator for Apple iOS

You can exploit Siri to its maximum with a number of jailbreak apps. Use VoiceUtils to shut down or restart your phone or change voice with AnyVoice app.

4. iSwipe to enable a Swype-style text input

You can use the iSwipe app on your liberated phone which enables you to use the Swype method of text input. Swype method is available only on few Android phones. This enables the phone to recognize the character that you wish to input when you alter the direction while dragging your finger over the keyboard.

5. SBSettings to reach all your major settings with just a button

With the SBSettings plugin that can be used only with jailbroken iPhone 5 models, you can easily reach all your important settings with a mere double tap on your home button. You can also configure the settings to respond to gestures other than double tap.

6. iCaughtU to enable your iPhone turn into a self security system

With an app called iCaughtU, you can enable your phone to take pictures of the person who attempts a wrong password to gain access to your iPhone 5, 5c or 5s. You can also configure it to automatically send you the photos taken.

7. Clear notifications without unlocking your screen with Ipsum

With the Ipsum app, you can swipe over the notifications to clear them without accessing the app that generated them. It is a handy solution to keep notification center clear.

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Reasons To Jailbreak Your iPhone 5

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Many of you have heard about jailbreaking, but many people just don’t really know the benefits of doing so. If you just got struck with curiosity on what it actually means, then you’re certainly in the right place. In the article below, we will take a closer look at the reasons to jailbreak your iPhone 5, 5c or 5s, so let’s see what they are.

Rename and Reorganize Apps

For some people this may seem mundane, but you should know that having the ability of renaming your apps as you please is kind of cool. Maybe you’d like to rename the E-mail app to Sparrow or use Music to rename Spotify. This is a very basic thing and you would think that iOS would allow you to do this by default. But the sad part is that it doesn’t. In order to get this ability, you’ll need to jailbreak your device.

By doing so, you’ll also get more freedom over the organization of your applications. You can add more icons to the home screen’s dock, adjust the size of your icons, add an extra row of apps and so on. If you want to create subfolders on the iPhone 5s, then you’ll find that it’s pretty simple to do that by using FolderEnhancer. This app allows you to put folders on the dock and then customize the way their work and their look. Are you fed up with Newsstand? Well, there’s a Cydia tweak to fix that!

Make Chrome or Any Other Browser Your Default Browser

Given the fact that Apple is following the George Orwell mode of not letting you change to another browser, is very sad. However, you don’t have to put up with Safari any longer and that is because you can now change it by using BrowserChanger. You will thus gain access to a list of several browsers and then choose the one you like most to be installed on your iPhone 5s. Some of them include Atomic, Opera Mini, Skyfire, Dolphin and of course, Chrome.

Change Your Default Email App

Your E-mail app may have gotten really annoying and boring if you’re using an iPhone 5, 5c or 5s. As you very well know, the native Mail app Apple has in all of their iPhone 5s models has features that evolve only gradually and let’s face it: it’s pretty dull. You can now change that by using the Sparrow+ tweak and allow Sparrow to become the new default E-mail application for iPhone 5, 5c or 5s. It’s so much better, believe me!

Tether Your Data Connection to Your Laptop

While you can already do this because it has become legal, you will get charged a lot for it. Instead, you should use TetherMe and MyWi in order to turn your device into a mobile modem to which other devices can connect to gain access to the internet. Get these apps from Cydia right away and you’ll enjoy the benefits of using your iPhone 5c as a portable modem.

With that being said, these are the main reason you should jailbreak your device. Just ensure you’re getting it done by a professional who will only charge you a small fee and everything will be fine!

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3 Fast Jailbreaking Solutions For The iPhone 5, 5c and 5s

Hello everyone.

There are now many people who are having the process of jailbreaking the iPhone 5, 5c and 5s done to their iPhone’s. Jailbreaking did not used to be as well-known as it is now and the whole practice is still quite confusing to a lot of people even if it does make the iPhone 5 a much more powerful device with access to great features like Cydia and more apps and software.

Even though jailbreaking an iPhone 5 series should be conducted by a professional, many would-be hackers decide they can do it themselves. I’m speaking from experience here as I have tried to jailbreak my own iPhone 5c in the past however if I can give you one piece of advice today it is don’t try to hack your iPhone and instead look for some fantastic jailbreaking services that are available online for Apple devices.

Luckily my jailbreaking attempt could be reversed but I had to pay someone to fix it and many people find that they make their iPhone 5s completely unusable after attempting this process. I know a few people who have bricked their iPhone 5, 5c or 5s by thinking that they can jailbreak and hack the iOS by themselves.

iphone5-2I don’t want you to share the same mistakes as me so I want to tell you today about some online jailbreaking solutions. The three listed below are my top choices and they all offer workable solutions for Apple jailbreaking although, as I will point out, with varying degrees of customer service.

Here are my top jailbreaking services for the Apple iPhone5, 5s and 5c:

My Number 1 – iJailbreak Pro

I have only found iJailbreak Pro in the last couple of months but they are already my number one choice for jailbreaking an iPhone 5 series. Put simply, they offer the best complete and all round service for jailbreaking an iPhone 5, 5c or 5s of anyone on this list.

The whole jailbreaking process only takes about 5 minutes to complete and with the standard price you also get your iPhone 5 series unlocked as well. Cell carriers charge a lot of money to have an iPhone ‘freed’ from their service however with iJailbreak Pro this comes with the jailbreak so you can go onto any network you please.

Customer support is amazing as well. The first time I used the site I had a couple of general questions about jailbreaking and hacking my iPhone 5c and called customer services. The guy I talked to was the owner of the site and he really helped me out a lot. Not only did he go over my jailbreaking questions with me, but he also gave me a lot of extra information about the process that opened me up to new possibilities with my iPhone 5c such as better features, Cydia and the latest software for jailbroken iDevices.

iJailbreak Pro also provide a 30 day money back, no quibbles guarantee that allows you to essentially test the jailbreak on your iPhone 5 series then decide if you want to keep it. There really isn’t another service like this online at the minute and they offer the complete works as far as jailbreaking is concerned.

Overall they get a maximum 10 out of 10 for a working jailbreaking solution, fantastic customer relations and a fast and cheap process.

If you want to find out more about iJailbreak Pro then click here.

My Number 2 – Apple Unlocker

This site is good, just not as good as iJailbreak Pro.

They don’t give you the extras for your smartphone that you get with iJailbreak Pro and they take longer for the jailbreak to be completed. It usually takes anywhere from 10-16 minutes when I have used this site. The software works just fine but as long as iJailbreak pro is available, Apple Unlocker will remain my 2nd choice for jailbreaking an iPhone 5, 5c or 5s.

The issue I really had with this site was customer support, or really, lack thereof. I had to email them because they don’t have a phone number listed anywhere on their site. I didn’t hear back from them until the next day and it was morning time when I sent the email. It really made me feel like my business wasn’t that important to them, so I was a bit irritated that some simple questions about jailbreaking an Apple iPhone 5 took ages to be answered.

In a nutshell, they aren’t the best out there, but their jailbreaking service does work for the iPhone 5 series. They get 7 out of 10. Visit the site here.

My Last Choice – iJailbreak Tool

I don’t have a whole lot of positive feedback for this jailbreaking service but because they offer an Apple iPhone 5 series jailbreaking solution I will list them anyway.

They have a phone number listed if you need customer support, and you probably will because the directions will make your head explode. The number I mentioned, yeah, it’s in India. I haven’t bothered to call but I had to email customer support to clear up the indecipherable jailbreaking instructions. It took them a few hours to email me back, but I finally got everything cleared up and I had a jailbroken iPhone 5c which is the main thing at the end of the day.

The whole process took around about 40 minutes to complete. That’s a bit too long for me and I would only recommend using these guys if iJailbreak Pro was not available to jailbreak your iPhone 5, 5c or 5s for you.

Look, they are not the absolute worst jailbreaking service on the internet and they do serve a purpose with a working jailbreak for the Apple iPhone 5 series. I give them 4 out of 10. You can check out the site here.

To Round-up

Jailbreaking an iPhone 5, 5c or 5s or any iDevice for that matter is not something that you can do on your own and as someone who has tried it in the past, just don’t. You run the risk of seriously harming your Apple iPhone 5 and having to pay a lot of money to have it repaired.

iJailbreak Pro is by far the pick of the bunch from this list. Their jailbreaking and hacking service is easy to understand, cheap and very quick so I have nothing bad to say about them whatsoever.

Having your iPhone 5 series jailbroken transforms it from a really good device to one that has almost unlimited possibilities with new software releases and access to more apps. There is a reason that so many people are having the jailbreaking process carried out.

Don’t get left behind and choose one of the best services on the internet to have your iPhone 5 jailbroken.

I hope this was useful to you!

Mike Tutor

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